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GPXX0WENEN banner Evidently AI:Your One-Stop Shop for Analysis & Evaluation | View in the Skills Network Catalog

As a data scientist, you're well aware of the daunting task of monitoring and maintaining machine learning models. EvidentlyAI comes to the rescue, simplifying the process and providing invaluable guidance. With its intuitive visualisations and comprehensive metrics, EvidentlyAI empowers you to monitor model performance, detect data drift, and assess feature importance. It streamlines the complexities of model monitoring, ensuring your models remain accurate and reliable. Let EvidentlyAI be your trusted companion. relieving the stress and enabling you to focus on extracting meaningful insights

AI0117EN banner Prompt Engineering for Everyone | View in the Skills Network Catalog

Master the language of AI and unleash its full potential with our prompt engineering course. Gain the skills to craft compelling prompts that yield better, more accurate responses. Learn how to create engaging prompts that generate better and more accurate responses. From understanding contextual cues to mitigating biases, we provide you with techniques to help you seamlessly interact with AI systems. Whether you're a techie or a business professional, this course will revolutionize how you interact with AI. Register now and become a compelling AI communicator in the digital age!

GPXX0TTBEN banner Build a Chatbot in less than an hour with watsonx! | View in the Skills Network Catalog

Inspired by ChatGPT to build your own chat bot but don't think you have the skill or resources? In this hands-on Guided Project, you will use IBM watsonx to build a chatbot in less than an hour!

GPXX0PPIEN banner Unlocking Multilingual Magic: Babel Fish with LLM STT TTS | View in the Skills Network Catalog

Learn how to cross language barriers by building a complete translation system using various AI technologies. First use Speech-to-Text to convert speech to text, then use LLM to intelligently translate between languages (with a focus on comprehension), and finally use Text-to-Speech to convert the translated text back to speech.

GPXX0OECEN banner **Real-Time Stock Price Dashboard with Jupyter Notebooks ** | View in the Skills Network Catalog

Master the Art of Creating Real-Time Stock Price Dashboards with Ease! Immerse yourself in the world of financial data analysis, interactive visualization, and web app deployment using Jupyter Notebook. Acquire the skills to showcase your expertise to a global audience and industry experts.


RP0101EN image R for Data Science | View in the Skills Network Catalog

Version 1.9: Added spss modeler flow video.

SE0101EN image Fundamentals of Encryption & Quantum-Safe Techniques | View in the Skills Network Catalog

Version 1.7: Video in the last module was updated.