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GPXX0HQUEN banner Unleashing the Power of XGBoost for Regression in Python | View in the Skills Network Catalog

XGBoost is a foundational algorithm for regression tasks and is efficient in handling diverse data and complex relationships. Harness the power of XGBoost, renowned for its speed and effectiveness, and its machine learning capabilities for building an environmental monitoring application.

GPXX0ONEEN banner Classify default payments using SVM with Python | View in the Skills Network Catalog

Explore Support Vector Machines (SVMs) with Python, a popular algorithm in classification tasks, with an application of machine learning in predictive modelling. Using a robust dataset featuring critical client attributes, we will predict whether or not a client will default their payment the following month. Through hands-on exercises, learn how to classify data with SVMs, optimize your model with hyperparameter tuning, and reduce data dimensionality.