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WD0102EN banner Introduction to Web Development with HTML, CSS, JavaScript | View in the Skills Network Catalog

Learn the fundamentals of HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript to create engaging websites and interactive applications. Become a Web Developer with hands-on labs and final project.

JS0101EN banner JavaScript Programming Essentials | View in the Skills Network Catalog

JavaScript has become the most popular programming language amongst software developers. This JavaScript essentials course is designed for anyone interested in a software engineering career as a web, mobile, front-end, back-end or full stack developer.

CD0210EN banner Developing Front-End Apps with React | View in the Skills Network Catalog

Learn to build rich Front-End apps with React and ES6, connect components, write advanced components, and test them. Plus, a final project to add to your portfolio.

CS0131EN banner Introduction to Software Engineering | View in the Skills Network Catalog

Learn the fundamentals of software engineering in this introductory course, designed for aspiring software engineers and those in related fields. Get a first-hand feel for the job from expert and novice software engineers and explore the power of the SDLC.

DA0100EN banner Introduction to Data Analytics | View in the Skills Network Catalog

Start a career in Data Analysis with this introductory course, learning about the roles of a Data Analyst, tools used, and navigating the data ecosystem. No prior experience required.

JS0201EN banner Developing Back-End Apps with Node.js and Express | View in the Skills Network Catalog

In a recent Stack Overflow survey, Node.js was used by about 50% of the developers who answered the survey, making it the most used server-side technology. Express ranked as the fourth most popular web technology overall, making it the most popular server-side web framework.

JS0203EN banner Intermediate Back-end Development with Node and MongoDB | View in the Skills Network Catalog

Node is the first choice for developing server-side applications as it allows for cross-platform application development. When connected with databases, Node revolutionizes the development of web applications, enabling robust and scalable data manipulation.

GPXX0QXCEN banner Create an AI agent to fill forms from your private documents | View in the Skills Network Catalog

Use retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) and large language models (LLM) to process your private documents and automate the completion of forms. This project extracts required information with prompt engineering and then completes HTML forms. Using LLAMA2 hosted by IBM watsonx.ai for text analysis and Flask as a back-end web app, this system significantly improves efficiency in handling form fields -- reducing the need for manual input and expediting the entire form-filling process.

BD0225EN banner Introduction to Big Data with Spark and Hadoop | View in the Skills Network Catalog

This course covers the fundamentals of Big Data and Big Data Analytics, exploring Hadoop, Hive, Apache Spark, and RDDs. Learn how to store, process and gain insights from large datasets.

GPXX04C6EN banner AI Meeting Companion: From Voice to Insight | View in the Skills Network Catalog

Create an app to capture audio (like lectures) and summarize it. You will build it using OpenAI Whisper (text to speech) and summarize with open-source LLAMA 2 LLM hosted by IBM watsonx. You will deploy the app in a serverless environment using IBM Cloud Code Engine.

GPXX0BD3EN banner Matrix operations for AI and machine learning | View in the Skills Network Catalog

Matrices are at the heart of everything we do in AI. ChatGPT, Llama, and other LLMs are all built on matrices. Learn the basics of matrices using Python, NumPy, and sklearn to put yourself on a path towards understanding AI. In this hands-on project, you learn the essential principles and operations of matrices. The project covers everything from basic matrix operations to more advanced concepts, such as principle component analysis (PCA). Take your first step towards navigating the intricacies of AI by starting this free project today!

GPXX0E0MEN banner Learn to automate feature selection with lasso regression | View in the Skills Network Catalog

Learn feature automation with lasso regression using sklearn in Python. Optimize model performance by using regularization techniques and hyperparameter tuning with different Python libraries. Explore why this technique is crucial for feature selection through the creation of insightful data visualizations, while you gain practical experience with lasso regression, a powerful tool for optimizing models and elevating predictive performance.