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GPXX022OEN banner ** A/B testing: The art and science of data-driven choices** | View in the Skills Network Catalog

A/B testing is an essential task in the tool kits of tech giants such as OpenAI, Amazon, Google, and Netflix. It plays a crucial role in refining marketing approaches and enhancing user experiences. Dive into this captivating realm of data-driven decision-making with this A/B testing Guided Project. Is your company seeking to boost user satisfaction by launching a dark mode feature on your website? Then, seize this opportunity to master the art of data-driven choices, and discover which options work best for you.


GPXX0UVUEN banner Land Your Dream Job: Build Your Portfolio with GenAI | View in the Skills Network Catalog

In today's digital job landscape, a simple resume won't suffice. Boost your career visibility with an AI-driven chatbot and interactive app, enabling recruiters to directly "talk" to your skills and accomplishments.

Version 1.2.0: IBM Cloud Trial Code has been added for completing the project.