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GPXX0DNQEN banner Automate ML Pipelines Using Apache Airflow | View in the Skills Network Catalog

By mastering Apache Airflow you will gain hands-on experience in building a KNN classification model for the Iris dataset, using Apache Airflow for workflow automation. You will also have learned how to deploy the trained model for prediction, and how to generate a DAG ( Directed Acyclic Graph ) for a data pipeline. It will increase productivity, reduce costs, and have faster time-to-insight. These skills are essential for any data scientist or engineer working on classification tasks and data pipelines and can be applied to a wide range of other datasets and workflows.


PY0101EN image Python for Data Science | View in the Skills Network Catalog

Version 3.30: Updated readfile. Ipynb file. Need to be ported to production version. Kindly review.

GPXX0WEVEN image Build a Chatbot to Analyze PDF Documents Using LLM | View in the Skills Network Catalog

Version 1.1: Changed the title of the project.