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GPXX08S7EN banner PyGWalker: Unlocking the secrets of FIFA World Cup data | View in the Skills Network Catalog

Uncover the hidden secrets within FIFA World Cup data using the PygWalker Python library, which generates dynamic dashboards and reports within Jupyter Notebook. This innovative tool brings the power of a Tableau-like user interface to your Jupyter Notebook environment. Bid farewell to the constraints of traditional data analysis workflows and embrace the seamless integration of PyGWalker's user interface in your notebooks. PyGWalker appears to offer data scientists a user-friendly interface for tasks such as visualization, data cleaning, annotation, and even natural language queries.

GPXX0EYHEN banner Write Llama 3 Prompts Like a Pro | View in the Skills Network Catalog

Llama 3 is a state-of-the-art, open-source LLM that outperformed GPT-3.5, the model behind the free version of ChatGPT, on a variety of benchmarks. To get the most out of Llama 3, a special prompt format should be used. This project provides instructions on the optimal way to interact with Llama 3 to ensure you receive the best possible responses.