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GPXX0EA1EN banner Query your SQL data using natural language with LangChain | View in the Skills Network Catalog

Use Langchain and large language models (Mixtral) to enable intuitive querying of MySQL databases using natural language. By translating natural language queries into SQL commands and executing them with LLMs, you simplify complex data manipulation and analysis. This approach makes data querying more accessible and efficient for professionals across various industries, streamlining workflows and enhancing decision-making processes.


OL0101EN banner Essentials for Cloud-Native Java Application Development | View in the Skills Network Catalog

Unlock the power of Open Liberty, Jakarta EE, and MicroProfile with this beginner-level course. Earn your Liberty Developer Essentials badge today!

By completing this course, you'll learn how to effectively use Open Liberty to develop basic cloud-native Java applications.

GPXX0KV4EN banner Getting Started with Node.js | View in the Skills Network Catalog

Have you heard of Node.js before? Node.js is one of the most popular technologies for creating server-side apps. Why? Because if you know JavaScript, you build both the front-end and the back-end using JavaScript. Take this Guided Project to get started with Node.js.