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GPXX0G24EN banner Parameter efficient fine-tuning (PEFT): Adapters in PyTorch | View in the Skills Network Catalog

Apply parameter-efficient fine-tuning (PEFT) in PyTorch using adapters! This hands-on project walks you through fine-tuning a transformer-based neural network using a bottleneck adapter that improves the efficiency of training and storage. Upon completion, you will have enhanced your skills in incorporating adapters and fine-tuning pre-existing models, and you will have gained insights into the advantages and disadvantages of different fine-tuning methods.


GPXX0CEWEN banner Predict house prices with regression algorithms and sklearn | View in the Skills Network Catalog

Learn various regression algorithms using Python and scikit-learn, including multiple linear regression, random forest, and decision trees. Visualize your results with matplotlib and perform a comparative study of different regression models, highlighting their importance in predicting house prices. Use Pandas and scikit-learn to understand and implement these regression techniques and produce insightful visualizations to enhance your analysis.